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Melissa Delfino is one of Canberra’s most experienced and talented makeup artists.

After studying and beginning her makeup career in Sydney, Melissa returned home to Canberra bringing with her a passion for exquisite makeup. With more than 15 years as a top practicing makeup artist, Melissa has extensive experience working with respected artists and crew in Australia and Italy in film, television and photographic shoots, including commercial, runway and bridal.

Melissa has handled makeup for many celebrities, including Samara Weaving, Ita Buttrose, Jackie O, Geoff Jansz, Nick Giannopoulos and Hi Five. Her work has featured in national magazines such as Cosmopolitan Bride, Fernwood Fitness and in a range of other media outlets. Her clients have included Paramount Pictures, Independent Property Group, ACT Tourism and other government organisations, as well as the media company that published Australian Women’s Weekly and the Australian edition of Women’s Day.

Using the latest technology in MAC Cosmetic’s, Melissa’s makeup philosophy is simple—enhance your natural beauty and bring out the most beautiful version of you.

  • Hi Melissa, Just a short note to thank you for the outstanding job you did with our makeup. It’s funny how something that comes so naturally to you can be so beneficial to us. You are a fantastic person and it was a pleasure meeting you.

    Kirsten Sheen
  • Dear Melissa, Thank you so much for your patience. I couldn’t imagine how relieved you would have been after finishing my bridal party of 12. I never doubted you for a second! Every single person loved what you did and my niece adored you (she wants you to come play again). We had so much fun getting ready and your humour kept us happy and relaxed all morning.

    Good luck with my cousins wedding makeup next month. She’s excited for you to do her makeup again after being my bridesmaid so I’ll probably see you again then.

  • Hi Mel, You did it again! I wanted you desperately after you did Annabella’s wedding and I appreciate what you did to fit me in at the last minute. We of course looked fabulous and had a great time. The boy’s couldn’t take their eyes off us all night.

    Oh and my dad insists I tell you that your Italian has improved in the last month.

  • Hey Mel, Hope you are well. Wow, what a day we had! Everything went perfectly.

    When Daniel told me how beautiful I looked, my heart melted all over again.

    Many lovely comments were made on how beautiful my eyes looked, and I have you to thank. Your professionalism and kind (funny) words gave me a lot of confidence for my wedding day and I really appreciate how important you made me feel.

    Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best.

  • Dear Melissa, It’s not every day that you get the marry on the other side of the world in the beautiful city Venice and have a fellow Australian available to do my hair and makeup. I am so thankful that you were recommended to us and we were truly happy with the results.

    I thought I was the lucky one being married in Italy, but you must have had the best time traveling Italy doing wedding makeup. The stories you told made us laugh and feel relaxed. Your advice on the ‘Italian way’ worked like a charm and being a newly married couple, we were smothered with complimentary glasses of wine everywhere.

    You helped us in many ways, not just making me look and feel beautiful but you became a witness for our marriage, and in your spare time showed us a few amazing things I know we would have missed.

    We can’t express how grateful we are for everything you brought to our wedding day. It was a very special time shared in Italy and now that we are home in Adelaide, we are happy to tell you that we are expecting a little baby.

    Marija and Andrew
  • Dearest Mel, I’m sure you knew you would hear from me again! What a magnificent time I had at my own wedding (you were right).

    I was HOT! The photos are awesome and our Sydney photographer also commented on how well the makeup was done. Thanks again.

    We all love you, even my brother.

  • Dear Melissa, My daughter Elizabeth looked beautiful on her wedding day and I would like to thank you for helping her achieve the look she wanted. James was falling over himself trying to get to her all night at the reception. I thank you for my own makeup as well. I felt like a million dollars and even after all the dancing, my face stayed perfectly in tact.

    I wish you all the best.

    Catherine Jones

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